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Window Regulator End of Line Test System

The Challenge

The customer had been using an EOL concept where parameters such as torque, stroke length, with-load torque etc. and other basic parameters were being checked using an old design. This old design also required the use of big heavy baseplates to be changed over every time a new model was to be placed, along with lengthy & manual setting of actuators using screw-rods etc. For a new premium line of Window Regulators, the customer looked to us to create a new innovative design that would not only capture all parameters as before but with several enhancements such as:

  • No big & heavy baseplates

  • Quick changeover & loading routines

  • Live graphs of results

  • Testing of dual-carriage (two rail) Window Regulator systems

  • Easy automatic loading of carriages with simulated seal load weight

  • Physical dimensional measurements such as carriage parallelism & rail radius, along with several poka yoke such as cable-twist check, spring presence check, stud presence check, etc.

picture of end of line tester for window regulators

The Solution

Sasyaka team sat and brainstormed over completely new methods of testing out this product and ended up re-inventing the concept of Window Regulator testing machines. Equipped with an innovative new fixture design, intelligent sensors & responsive software the operator was guided through real-time interactive Sequence of Operation (SOP). Here the step-by-step changeover routine was monitored and ensured by the software reducing changeover time and eliminating reliance on operator experience.

For the dimensional checks innovative setups involving the use of Linear Distance Sensors along with basic geometry concepts were used to measure components in a clever & economical way. The use of a National Instruments based controller, along with LabVIEW and in-house software expertise we were able to make meaningful, live GUIs which displayed results in a well-presented fashion. Finally, another smart mechanical design ensured the easy loading & unloading of the glass weight with seal load onto the window regulators, without the need for any changeover at all.


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