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At Sasyaka Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd, we are a young team of design engineers who are committed to delivering perfectly customized automated solutions.



Internships are for a duration of 4 to 6 weeks. We do not accept applications from first-year undergraduate students. An intern will have to apply 4 weeks in advance of the proposed date of work. Kindly send us your CV and tell us the reason for applying for an internship at Sasyaka Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd. Send your mail to



Jr. Labview Developer

Job Description 
•    Understands the software development using data acquisition devices and tools
•    Able to design and develop functional programs using LabVIEW software independently after understanding the logic
•    Documenting LabVIEW code as per standards
•    Willing to work as part of a team on module development for complex control systems
•    Interested in working in Industrial Automation, Mechatronics and Robotics Projects
•    Installation/service of hardware and software at the customer site 
Good to have:
•    Hands on experience with NI Hardware such as CRIO, PXIe cards.
•    CLD or CLAD Certification from NI

•    Good knowledge of communication protocols like RS-432, RS-485, CAN, LAN etc.

•    Be ready to train himself and learn new concepts and technologies 
•    Excellent knowledge in Digital Electronics, Sensors and Signal Processing, Control Theory, Computer architecture and Operating System, Electrical and Electronic devices and Software development 
•    Must be able to communicate clearly in English and meet deadlines on time
•    Electronics, Instrumentation and Mechatronic Engineers are preferred with relevant experience in LabVIEW


Please send your CV to, and we will get back to you soon.

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