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Streamlining Production Processes - Tube Handling Robot System

The Challenge

To automate a production process for loading and unloading of aluminium tubes into two separate machines for end forming and roll forming operations, thereby eliminating the need for human intervention and increase productivity. The machine had to handle tubes of lengths varying from 180mm to 2100mm and diameters varying from 8mm to 15mm.

Robotic arm with custom end of arm tooling handling production process for loading and unloading of aluminium tubes

The Solution

Saskaya Engineering implemented a 6-axis robot with custom End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) and Walking beam units. The EOAT was designed to handle all variants of parts, while the walking beam units ensured smooth transfer between different stages of the production process. Custom software was also developed to optimize the robot motion sequence, maximizing machine utilization.

The design of the EOAT and walking beam units allowed for easy handling of all variants of parts, reducing the need for manual intervention. Safety interlocks were implemented to ensure that the robot would stop in case of any collisions or accidents. The implementation process involved extensive testing and optimization to ensure that the robot was working efficiently and safely.

The solution provided by Saskaya Engineering resulted in increased production efficiency. It also led to a reduction in the risk of accidents, as the automated process eliminated the need for manual handling of parts


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