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LX latch testing - 1104

The Challenge

The customer wanted to develop a fully automated End-of-Line (EOL) Tester for door access systems (latches). As there were multiple variants to be used in the same machine, one of the challenges was to be able to accommodate all variants (i.e. for each door, with and without ECU, with & without electrical connections etc.) and make the model change-over procedure quick and easy. Their existing machines usually involved lengthy and complicated procedures to change over from one model to the next.

The Solution

A fully customized design was created only for the set of variants under consideration. All variants could fit into the same machine using the change of a tiny fixture, plate, whereas all other changeover operations took place at the press of a button from the operator through pneumatic cylinders. Poka Yoke features were used to ensure changeover had been completed successfully, and the intelligent re-use of load cells, cylinders, plungers, and other sensors through a dynamic & responsive software ensured that the machine was used to its maximum potential with minimum downtime.

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