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Pick and Place Automation - 1508

The Challenge

To automate a production process involving assembly of aluminium tube and flange followed by the loading and unloading of this assembly into two separate machines for an end forming and roll forming operation respectively to eliminate human intervention and increase productivity. The machine had to handle different variants of incoming parts.

The Solution

Sasyaka engineering designed and installed a fully automated assembly and material transfer unit. The machine included feeders that ensured 100% inspection for length, diameter and orientation of each tube and orientation of flange and a mechanism for rejection of incorrect parts, an automated assembly station using pneumatic cylinders, a pneumatic 2-axis pick and place unit with gripper for loading and unloading into the end forming machine, a pneumatic transfer unit with gripper to take the component to the roll forming machine, a motorized 2-axis angular pick and place system with gripper for loading and unloading into the roll forming machine and an unloader unit. The NI controller and the programme used ensured a certain amount of simple communication between machines as well as intelligence features that would be beneficial for smooth functioning. All safety interlocks were ensured to avoid collisions or accidents which could occur during operation.

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