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Lock Assembly Automation - 0901

The Challenge

Design and build an assembly line automation for lock assembly. This machine should also contain in line testing of the assembly parts. The automatic feeding of various assembly parts and orientation check along with metal caulking should be part of this assembly line. The Solution

In 2009-2012, Sasyaka Engineering supplied an semi-automated lock assembly (lock side cover) machine to Sandhar Automotives, Gurgaon. In order to surmount the process of manually assembling small sub components, we meticulously designed a machine that provided automated assembly, as well, as complete in-line testing of the parts. This helped detect missing parts and increased productivity for the Company.

The machine developed was a 7 station assembly machine with automatic feeding, part detection, selective orientation of parts, metal caulking using a hydro pneumatic press, die design, torsion spring orientation, handling and pre-tensioning as well as lock testing before unloading. With quality controlled input child parts, this machine would deliver a finished part on an average once every 3.2s. It is a standalone machine which used pneumatics, servo motors as well as hydropneumatic press.

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