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End of Arm Tooling - 1019

The Challenge

Design and develop End of Arm Tool (EOAT) for a cartesian wittmann robot with 4 cavities and considering the payload to minimum. This EOAT should be easily mounted on boot and controlled from the robot control panel. The actuations should deliver the products consistently to the injection mould.

The Solution

Sasyaka Engineering has designed, manufactured and installed ‘End of Arm Tooling’ machine (EOAT) for their cartesian wittmann robot. The end of arm tooling was meticulously designed to deliver charger pins into a four cavity tool. An EOAT is specially designed for a particular use. Since the payload of the robot is of utmost importance, the materials used are light in weight and should be highly durable since the production quantities will be high. The accuracies with which such parts have to be machined and the final assembly accuracies required add to the complexity of such designs. The real life integration requires the the EOAT to be attached to the robot and a teach in phase along with actuation of vacuum and pneumatic actuators to deliver the products consistently to the mould.

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