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Gear Shifter Poke Yoke Assembly Station - 1002

The Challenge

Intelligent assembly station with poka-yoke features and detection of missing parts of sub assemblies. Detection of faults in process of assembly line and verification of complete and correct for complete assembly.

The Solution

Sasyaka Engineering has developed intelligent assembly stations for Dura based on poka-yoke features during assembly. This machine was designed to successfully help in the detection of missing parts, as well as, to assemble complete and correct parts for a gear shifter sub-assembly. Upon assembly, verification was conducted for proper assembly or attachment of parts and other associated faults. The use of fiber optic sensors enabled small parts to be sensed, pressure regulators were used to apply only a recommended forces and innovative design confirmed error proofing of part orientation. All safety interlocks were also provided to ensure operator safety as some high assembly forces were being delivered.

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