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Gear Shifter Muddy Water Test - 0941

The Challenge

Design and build endurance testing machine which tests the gear shifter under saltwater, muddy water and both for continuous prolonged cycles. The recipe of the tests and no. of cycles can set by the end user for endurance testing. The shifter should be mounted as it is in vehicle and test conditions should simulate the real world scenario of rain and slush.

The Solution

Sasyaka Engineering has closely worked with Dura on two major projects. We have designed and built a water resistance test rig for a gear shifter. The machine was designed to test the product endurance of rubber parts over a lifetime of 100000 cycles with a continuous spray of water which can either be salty or muddy or both. The cycle sequence or recipe is as recommended by the end user for this particular product. The shifter was to be mounted in the ‘in-vehicle’ condition with water being sprayed at a particular pressure almost simulating the effect of rain and slush.

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