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Connecting rod Annealing Pick and Place - 1009

The Challenge

Design and build pick and place automation solution for connecting rod annealing machine. The pick and place of three similar models of connecting rod should be possible and at max speed of annealing operation.

The solution also should build a buffer and should not be hindrance to man and material movement. This machine should communicate with the Annealing machine and establish machine to machine communication with safety interlocks as priority. This machine should indicate or notify operator if the buffer is lower than set value.

The Solution

In 2011, Sasyaka Engineering designed and built a ‘Pick and Place’ solution for a Connecting rod Annealing machine and installed it at TVS Motors, Chennai. The primary aim of building this machine was to extract the optimal output that the annealing machine was capable of. It was designed using pneumatic elements and the cycle time was worked out to optimize output without adding any delay. The added advantage of this machine was the ability to perform continuously at the same efficient level.This retrofit machine is capable of 3 similar models of conrod without any change over of machine and has a buffer capacity of upto 350 components which translates to about 1.5 hours of machining capacity. The machine reflects simple design principles and measures 1000mm x 500mm making it small enough to be installed within the aisle without causing any hindrance to man and material movement. It is programmed to handshake with the master machine so that all safety interlocks are in place. Operations are also segregated into parallel and serial operations so as to any waiting time of the annealing machine to zero. The machine is capable of recognizing low buffer to send out the appropriate alert to the operators.

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